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Every gift
makes an impact!

Your gift keeps giving...

  • to our students, through classes, programs, and materials

  • to our staff, through classroom supplies, enhancements, and tools for education

  • to our facility, which houses our most precious gift - our students

  •  to our legacy, ensuring we'll be here for years to come

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Tuition covers approximately 70% of the actual cost of education per student. Donations and fundraising events help close a large part of that gap, allowing us to continue offering generous discounts and keep our tuition costs affordable.

Donations also allow us to offer generous financial assistance to families who might otherwise not have access to private Christian education. 

Ways to Give

Supporting our general operating

and facility needs

Make a gift through through Ohio Christian Education Network, receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit up to $750, and fund a CCS scholarship!

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