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Faculty & Staff




CCS requires all employees and volunteers to have a completed background check on file. All employees and volunteers will be subject to a background check according to state and licensing requirements.

Lower School Staff (Grades PreK-6)

Upper School Staff (Grades 7-12)

Support Staff

Not Pictured:

  • Nancy Markovich:  Physical Education / Athletic Director

  • Bernice Lopp:  Assistant Athletic Director / Rentals Coordinator

  • Mark Hust:  Custodian

  • Andrea Kudrin: Custodian

  • Stephanie Michalek: Librarian

CCS School Board

  • Dan Miller

  • Kevin Mahon

  • Alayna Nowoslawski

  • Rachel Willis

  • Nick Condon

  • Zach Smith

  • Cristina Jolley

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