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Core Values


Academic Excellence

CCS strives to help students reach their academic potential by teaching a robust, balanced course of study comprising core academic subjects, electives, and extracurriculars for all ages. Our model emphasizes the teacher-student relationship as being vital to instruction, as we teach skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, effective communication, and a diligent work ethic.

  Demonstrates academically preparedness in all areas of curriculum

  • Well-rounded in humanities, mathematics, sciences, foreign language, fine arts, technology, and Biblical studies

  • Has cultivated natural ability in any and all of the above areas

  • Exerts effort to take ownership and independence over academic performance 

  Demonstrates mature character qualities towards the learning process

  • Continually growing in ability to approach challenges with critical thinking and problem-solving, working analytically towards solutions

  • Communicates effectively and logically in written and verbal form

  • Utilizes appropriate resources to research information from accurate sources

  • Able to apply diligence, self-discipline, and time management skills to academic efforts

  Demonstrates understanding that Christian education includes an intergenerational component      of mentoring and discipleship between teachers and peers, both older and younger

  • Able to integrate healthy relationships into the learning process

  • Able to be guided by teachers in acquisition of knowledge and educational skills

  • Able to demonstrate responsibility towards peers in participating in educational

  • opportunities together


Biblical Integration

CCS strives to demonstrate to students that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, the primary source of knowledge and wisdom, and the standard of truth by which we live. Our curriculum and methodology reflects this biblical lens as we teach both a familiarity with the Bible itself and its application to every discipline at CCS.

  Understands and articulates a biblical worldview and operates from the perspective of biblical      truth

  • Learns about biblical content and themes throughout all grade levels

  • Develops, articulates, and defends a biblical worldview in upper school, including creation, fall, redemption, and restoration

  • Demonstrates application of the Bible as a standard of truth and source of truth to daily decision making

  Learns about all disciplines from the lens of a curriculum with cohesive biblical integration

  • Mathematics- students discover God’s order and structure in creation. Absolute truth found in mathematical principles points to God’s unchanging nature.

  • Science- students understand and appreciate the unfolding revelation of God through his creation. Through scientific inquiry, students develop a deeper appreciation for the complexity of creation, the laws and structures of the natural world, God’s awesome power, and the importance of our call to be stewards of the earth.

  • Language Arts- learning skills of proper grammar, literary analysis, writing, and public speaking enable students to eloquently share the gospel of Jesus with the world in various forms of communication and adaptive to different audiences.

  • History- a study of history can help each student to see God’s hand in the events of the past, present and future, as well as His involvement in their own lives.


Christ-like Character

CCS strives to instill in students an understanding of the character of Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God. Qualities such as faithfulness, self-discipline, obedience, humility, service, compassion, and leadership are emphasized daily among our multi-age student community. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, our students can be equipped to make a kingdom impact in the present and future as they use their God-given talents to serve the Lord.


  Understands and commits to a personal relationship with Christ and pursues ongoing spiritual        development

  • Understands the gospel, salvation, and how to present that to others

  • Understands and practices spiritual disciplines such as devotions, personal Bible study,

  • and prayer

  • Commits to a personal relationship with Christ and is involved in a local church

  Develops moral integrity, demonstrated by righteous living and stewardship

  • Lives and makes choices according to biblical standards in family and personal

  • relationships

  • Is a wise steward in use of personal, financial, and natural resources

  • Actively demonstrates serving others humbly and joyfully

  Is prepared and motivated for lifelong service and involvement in missions

  • Understands and utilizes own spiritual giftings

  • Seeks opportunities to participate in service and missions

  • Develops spiritual leadership skills

  • Participates in being discipled and discipling others

  • Works within the body of Christ according to the variety of gifts in the body

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