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EdChoice Scholarship

EdChoice & CCS

The EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Program allows all K-12 families to receive scholarship dollars toward tuition for participating private schools. For the 2024-25 school year, families are eligible to receive up to $6166 for K-8th grade and $8408 for 9-12th grade.

Awards are based on income verification, and families above 450% of the federal poverty level will receive a prorated amount of the scholarship.

Review the income eligibility requirements.

Review the prorated amounts for families above the 450% poverty level.

How much tuition will EdChoice cover?

Families at or below the 200% poverty level will not have a tuition balance to pay.

Families above the 200% poverty level will be required to pay any additional balance not covered by the EdChoice scholarship. Families who need additional financial aid are encouraged to apply for tuition assistance from CCS's tuition fund and OCEN here.

Fees are not covered by the EdChoice Scholarship. This includes but is not limited to application and enrollment fees, book fees, and facility fees.

Preschool, associates, and families receiving the John Peterson Scholarship or Autism Scholarship are not eligible to receive the EdChoice Scholarship, but are welcome to apply for other tuition assistance options.

Should I apply for an EdChoice Scholarship before applying to CCS?

Families must be through the application and enrollment process before they can apply for EdChoice Scholarship.

When you begin the application process, please make sure you have the following documents available:

  • Copy of student's birth certifications

  • Proof of address with service and mailing address matching (ex: utility bill from the last 60 days)

  • Completed EdChoice Scholarship application form

You will also need to complete an income verification through the OH|ID website.

I'm ready to apply, how do I get started?

Families applying for EdChoice for the first time can follow our instructions here: EdChoice Instructions

Families who have applied for EdChoice before should complete a renewal application and send it along with a recent proof of address to:

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