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Associate Program

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A Place for Homeschooled Students

CCS welcomes families to supplement their homeschooling experience with on-campus academic classes and athletic opportunities.

Our Associate Program allows homeschooled students to participate in selected classes and on athletic teams. This is provided to augment a homeschooling choice with experiences and classes that may be difficult to duplicate in a homeschooling environment.

Program Policies

  • Open to students in grades 6-12.

  • Takes classes on a semester basis.

  • Expected to attend class regularly, complete all assignments, and comply with CCS policies and dress code.

  • Report card issued quarterly.

  • The school does not keep transcripts for, nor offer diplomas to Associate Students.

  • May participate in sports at reduced rate.

  • All students and at least one parent must meet with the principal before acceptance.

  • Associate students may enroll at the beginning of an academic semester.

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Online application process through ParentsWeb via FACTS for all Associate Students.  Contact us for more information.

Academic Associate Per Semester

Core Classes


  • $550   (5 periods/week)

CLASSES (Maximum of 2 core classes)

  • English

  • History

  • Math

  • Science

Academic Associate Privileges

Available to Academic Associates Only*

  • Classroom Instruction

  • Standardized Testing

  • Quarterly grade and report card for course

  • Chapel

  • Most school events and socials, including retreats

  • Academic course field trips

  • Winter Formal (Grades 9-12)

  • Academic Challenge (for enrolled course)

  • Cedar Point (last day of school)

Elective Courses (Maximum of 2)


  • $350   (3 periods/week)

  • $250   (2 periods/week)

  • $125   (1 period/week)

AVAILABLE CLASSES (Maximum of 2 core classes)

  • Art

  • Choir

  • Speech

  • Bible

  • Physical Education

  • Composition

  • Spanish

Athletic Fees for Academic Associates

  • $240   per Varsity season

  • $150   per JH season

Full-Time Student Privileges

  • High school diploma

  • High school transcript

  • Graduation-related events/ceremony

  • Class group picture

  • Senior privileges

  • Junior/Senior Banquet

  • Class awards

  • Care Groups

To consider full-time enrollment, visit our Admissions page.

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