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The Next Chapter of CCS

In our twenty-fifth year as a school, it is such a joy to see signs of the next chapter that the Lord is writing here at CCS.We have a strong foundation and are building on that legacy as we look ahead to the future.

My connection with the school goes all the way back to 1994, when I was an elementary student the very first year of CCS. I never would have guessed while sitting at a fourth grade desk in that little building that I would one day be a staff member at CCS who would teach Jr. High Spanish, direct the Spring plays, be the Director of Development, or teach High School English- let alone be school principal! Yet God has clearly led each step of the way.

As I think about our student body, it’s exciting to realize that each of them sitting in class today have their own unique future ahead. For the seniors, major life change is just a few months away as they make decisions about what comes after high school. For the preschoolers, school is still a new world they are adjusting to as they learn how to learn. Some will go on to be scientists, or start a business, or to teach Middle School - perhaps at CCS! Some will be in government, or the military, or on the mission field. Some will manage a non-profit and some will manage a household - maybe both! Education is an incredible profession because we are seeing all of the potential in these students, and investing as much as we can to help them realize it.

After twenty- five years, we are taking stock of where we are as a school community so that we may keep investing in our students for the next twenty-five years with excellence. To help guide us, we are emphasizing this year that the Bible is the foundation of all that we do. Psalm 119:66 says, “Teach me knowledge and good judgment, for I trust your commands.” This is my prayer for our students, staff, families, alumni, and certainly myself. From our youngest to our oldest, from a fourth-grade desk to the Principal’s office, we can trust the commands of the Lord to guide us from present to future.

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