Thank you for your interest in Christian Community School. From our beginning in 1994, we have been investing in Christian education in a community-oriented liberal arts school. We seek to partner with Christian families and support them as they raise their children to impact the world for Christ.

Many parents wonder today if a financial investment into Christian education is a worthwhile one; can’t biblical values and/or academic rigor simply be supplemented at home? Perhaps for some families, yes. But others recognize the truth in the adage that “it takes a village to raise a child” as they find that our community of Christian teachers has helped them to train godly, well-rounded children.

We warmly invite you to become acquainted with us as you seek to find a healthy schooling option for your family. For 25 years, the Lord has blessed and guided our journey as a school community; perhaps this year, you may become part of that story as well.

In Christ,

Rachel Willis
CCS Class of 2003


As an independent, non-denominational Christian school, CCS values the freedom to instruct children in liberal-arts academics and to invest in them spiritually. We seek to promote healthy, long-lasting, God-honoring relationships among our small community of students, teachers, and families.

For this reason, our application includes a lifestyle agreement to commit to biblical principles and practices while a part of CCS. To maintain a healthy, safe learning environment for all students, applying students with habitual discipline problems and/or academic and spiritual incompatibility will not be accepted.


Our application process ensures that accepted students are academically and socially compatible with the CCS community. The following are components of admission:

  • Online Admission Application
  • Copy of recent standardized tests
  • Copy of most recent report card
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Pastor/Elder Reference Form
  • Academic Recommendation form
  • $125.00 Application Fee (per family)

Additional required actions prior to acceptance:

  • Family interview with Principal
  • Readiness test (including Kindergarten)
  • Classroom visit / shadow (when school is in session)

Admission Inquiries

Please fill out this  Online Inquiry Form to let us know of your interest in CCS.

You can also contact us at (440) 748-6224 or with questions or to schedule a tour.


CCS strives to offer affordable PreK-12 Christian education. CCS works to deliver one of the lowest tuition rates in the area so that we can offer an affordable PreK-12 Christian eduation to as many students as possible. Our tuition covers approximately 75% of the cost of education and we raise the rest through fundraisers and charitable gifts.

Click here for K-12 tuition:
2020-2021 TUITION-fee Schedule

Click here for Preschool information:
Information update pending

Financial Aid

CCS provides many options to help families. CCS offers many different types of financial aid including discounts for families with multiple students, 1st time families, CCS alumni, and church pastors. In addition, through donations of generous supporters, we also offer scholarships to help finance Christian education if needed. Families can apply for scholarships through FACTS website; see below. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss options available for your family.

FACTS Tuition Registration

CCS families can choose from several payment plan options. Families can choose to pay directly once or twice during the school year, or set up monthly payments through FACTS from a checking or savings account.

For First-Time Families:
Create an account here to use FACTS online.

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