At CCS, students in grades PreK-12 receive a biblically-based education from caring teachers. All teachers incorporate Scripture and biblical teachings in their classroom instruction. Students learn to work individually and with peers in a variety of classroom activities and homework assignments.

Preschool Program

To learn more about our Preschool Program for students age 3 and 4, download our brochure.

Kindergarten Program 

CCS offers an all-day five day Kindergarten program. Our program focuses on an academic core consisting of learning to read, write, and grasp basic math concepts (number recognition, counting, and simple addition and subtraction). Science, Social Studies, Creative Writing and Bible round out the students’ day. Also included during the week are enrichment activities and additional fine arts. Our kindergarten classes prepare students for entrance into the first grade.

Biblically Integrated Curriculum

Course materials are structured in a manner that promotes a thoroughly Christian worldview, and trains students to think biblically about each subject.

College Preparatory Course of Study

A strong focus is placed on preparing each student with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the post-secondary environment.

Small Teacher-Student Ratio

Students at CCS receive individualized attention in all of their classes, creating a context for one-on-one interaction and academic achievement.

Not Aligned with the Common Core

We go beyond the one-size-fits-all educational paradigm and seek to provide your children with the highest-quality teaching available.

Did you know?

In 2012, CCS student ACT scores exceeded Ohio averages in ALL categories (English, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and Composition). Good job, students!


  • Phonics-based curriculum
  • Cursive writing instruction
  • Two active recess periods
  • Educational field trips and involvement in all-school activities


Language / Mathematics / Art / Music / Physical Education


  • Solid foundation in math facts and reasoning
  • "Reading Buddies" program with other elementary grades
  • Speech Meet and Spelling Bee


Language Arts / Grammar / Social Studies / Science / Mathematics / Bible / Spelling / Reading / Handwriting / Art / Choir / Physical Education

Middle School

  • Educational field trips and appropriate activities; ie, Jr. High Mixer, Jr. Academic Challenge, etc
  • National History Day program
  • Some classes gender-separated for optimal learning environment


Literature / Grammar / Social Studies / Earth and Life Science / Mathematics - Algebra 1/2, and alternative curriculums / Bible / Spanish / Art / Choir and Band / Typing / Physical Education

High School

  • Educational field trips and academic and social activities
  • Honors classes
  • National History Day program
  • Mini-course program - specialized classes taught


World Literature I & II / American Literature / British Literature / Composition / Speech / World History I & II / Government and Economics / American History / Biology / Anatomy / Chemistry / Physics / Algebra I & II / Geometry and Logic / Consumer Math / Calculus / Old & New Testament / Apologetics / Ethics / Spanish / Computer / Art / Choir


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